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Established in 1998, Lunia Marketing Pvt. Ltd. has become a leader and a trusted name in agro-trading. With more than two decades of experience, we have amassed unmatched expertise and strong knowledge of agribusiness. Our flagship brand Arham lives by the motto of ‘Taste of Purity’, a promise we follow in all our product offerings including rice, sugar and pulses.
We consider our solemn responsibility to provide the highest possible quality and strive for perfection in every grain. Our strategically- located warehouses allow us to source the best quality grains and provide authentic aged rice, hygienically preserved using world-class technology. With completely automated process from ageing to packaging, our products ensure unwavering trust, purity and hygiene.


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Homemade snacks are often turned down by kids who prefer store-bought ones. With these Rice-based homemade recipes, you can transform this simple ingredient always available in your pantry into healthy, delicious snacks that will become kid favourites.

Easy dinner recipes

Rice is the perfect base for almost any quick dinner. With these recipes of simple rice-based meals, you can make your on-the-go life easier, time-saving and best of all, delicious!

Main Course

These fragrant rice recipes are flavoured with small secrets to keep everyone guessing, making ‘Rice’ the star of the show. These recipes will reveal steps to cook delicious main course meals that will be a hit at every family gathering.

From Farm to Fork

From paddy fields through milling, processing, natural ageing, quality testing, packaging and
finally on your plate, experience the journey of Arham Rice.