About Us

Farm to Fork

At Lunia Marketing Pvt. Ltd., we strive for perfection in every grain and focus on quality at every stage. Careful sourcing and selection, thorough inspection, rigorous standards of hygiene and an uncompromising commitment to quality has earned us an enviable reputation as a company.

Sourcing finest grains

1Our success lies in our expertise and professional competence in picking the finest quality of rice, sourced from various parts of India. From premium to economy range, we ensure our customers get the best products at the best possible value.

Hygienic storage facilities

2We have world class storage and warehousing facilities at Lunia Arham, where we protect rice from humidity, infestation and other problems. We have xx warehouse facilities spread over xx acres, allowing us to deliver best quality rice consistently.

Boiling technology

3We use automated boiler technology machinery to make boiled and parboiled rice. In this stage, a hydrothermal treatment is given to the paddy with the husk intact. This technology locks in nutrients and provides more nutrition value. Hardworking people doing strenuous physical activity prefer this rice as it is more nutritious than processed white rice.

Standardized processing

4We have standardized production and processes with the highest quality criterions. We carefully sort rice ensuring each grain has same grain length using cutting edge processing equipment. At this stage, impurities, inconsistencies and broken grains are removed so only the best rice goes to our next stage. We do this with the help of fully-automated pre-cleaners, de-stoners, paddy huskers, separators, size, length and colour grader and magnetic separators.

Careful ageing process

5Ageing is an intricate process dependent on time and temperature. Ageing can improve cooking quality of rice by improving their aroma, taste, fluffiness and other quality parameters. However, ageing is also expensive because of high operational costs. We ensure careful ageing by preserving rice for a period of one year in the best possible environment.

Untouched, Hygienic Packaging

6The final packaging is done after assortment in state-of-the-art machinery that can pack wholesale and retail packs. Each pack is vacuum sealed to prevent oxidation of rice, resulting in preservation of aroma and longer shelf life. Our packaging carries our seal of promise, the Arham symbol that stands for quality and trust.

Extensive & Efficient Supply

7We have a robust supply chain network that enables us to get our products in the most timely and safe manner. Our extensive dealer network ensures our availability even in the most remotest part of the countries.