Food Guide

Storage Tips

Our forefathers used to source rice, pulses and grains for an entire year, until it was time for harvest again. This tradition has been carried on despite people moving to bigger cities. Storing rice and pulses for a year means you have to keep them safe from heat, moisture, pests and bacteria. There are several methods to do that, and the methods vary from region to region and family to family.

However, some basic rules are, that always store your rice and pulses in dry area. Storage container must not have any openings so as to prevent insects, pest and foreign matter to come inside. This storage container must be kept away from sunlight, water and moisture.

Here are some of the ways you can protect your yearly stock without worries:
Sun drying of grains
Use ash to protect
Store pulses with common salt
Turmeric application method is also widely used
Use of garlic cloves and red chillies is highly recommended
Mixing of neem leaves is also a good option
Some people also use castor powder or tablets
An unlikely method is to use matchbox
Tulsi seeds can also protect your store