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Top 10 States Producing Rice In India

In some parts of India, rice is the staple diet of the people. It has been an integral part of our nation. It’s an auspicious grain used in many Indian rituals as well as a core ingredient to many delicious dishes. Rice contributes to more than 40% of the country’s total food production. According to the survey taken in 2015-16, below mentioned are the top 10 rice producing states in India that cultivates rice and offer us the best one.

West Bengal

This one is a no surprising state, because we all know how Bengalis are crazy about rice and fish. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, rice will be served to you lovingly.

Uttar Pradesh

From the place that gave us the famous dish “Litti Chokha”, it is obvious that Uttar Pradesh stands second in place producing rice.


Their day may begin with various types of paratha, but always end with biryani. Food is always on their mind and hence they are the 3rd largest producer of rice in India.

Tamil Nadu

Majority of the dishes originated from Tamil Nadu are made from either coconut or rice. Be it dosa, idli, pulihora, bisi bele bath, paniyaram or appam, everything is made from rice.

Andhra Pradesh

Again, a southern state where rice is honoured and savoured by Andhra people.


Another state where rice is produced 6.5 million tonnes.


Rice is an important crop in this state and hence, more than 20000 varieties of rice have been found in Chhattisgarh.


Rice is a very easy recipe to cook and also a staple food of the people of Odisha.


The land of Assam is very fertile to cultivate rice and therefore the state comes in the top 10 states of producing rice.


Here, under a well irrigated system, rice is grown on approx. 1.35 million hectares of land.

Types of rice dishes you can cook

India is a land of many things. It is rich in tradition and culture, a nation that speaks so many languages and who is a fan of sweets, one can enjoy a variety of cuisines and still not get tired of eating. Our country has so much to see and learn and offer. And one of those things it has to offer is various types of rice dishes it has given to us. We have listed down a few of them that you love to eat whenever offered.

Biryani: Loved and preferred by most of the people.

Lemon Rice: A south’s specialty that is savoured for lunch.

Tamarind Rice: Another gem from South’s delectable cuisine, one should never miss it.

Fried Rice: Easy to cook and full of flavours.

Schezwan Rice: For someone who is craving for hot and spicy, this one is perfect to go with.

Palak Rice: If you are looking for a healthy choice in rice then this is it.

Risotto: An italian speciality made in heavenly italian sauces and herbs.

Types of rice dishes you can cook

Rice is the most commonly consumed food in the world. Not only do we have a variety of rice in India but we also have different types of dishes which we can make from it. But that’s where we get confused sometimes. Have you come across so many types of rice and get confused which one to choose for your dish? We have been there. Worry not, as we bring to you different types of rice and what you can cook from it.

Arborio Rice: These are short grain white rice and are best for the dishes like risotto with asparagus, pudding and creamy rice.

Basmati Rice: Whenever there’s a festive occasion or a birthday party, Basmati Rice is the preferred rice of every Indian’s home. It is best to cook Vegetable Pilaf, Biryani and Pot Kheer.

Black Rice: Also known as the purple rice and a good source of antioxidants, Black Rice is good for porridge, baked goods and salads.

Brown Rice: A healthy choice, Brown Rice are actually whole-grain rice with nutty flavour in it. They are good for brown rice pilaf, mushroom rice and sesame brown rice.

Jasmine Rice: Another long-grain rice which has a mild sweet flavour and is best to cook garlic fried rice and toasted rice.

Red Rice: Also known as the Himalayan Rice. They are grown and consumed in Central Asia. Red rice and quinoa salad with orange and pistachios, and coconut red rice pudding are the best recipes to cook with it.